About Markei

MarKei Photo & Video is owned by romantic contractual partners, Marie LePage and Keith Mullin. To help sustain our work in the community, consider becoming a Patreon supporter.

MarKei isn't just about taking pretty pictures. We are passionate humanists, excited about being alive. We love capturing the beauty and complexity of this earth and its inhabitants. We gave up on appealing to everyone a long time ago.

We are seeking to use our art to connect humanity to itself. We integrate our values as intersectional feminists into our business. We live our lives aware of our own mortality and the absurdity of life and consciousness itself. Why does that matter? Well, our images are driven by that passion and appreciation. We love using our artistry to empower the voices of the marginalized, disenfranchised, and the silenced. And sometimes we take pictures of a white, heterosexual couple with two and a half kids (that half one sure is an oddity, but he's lovely) and a white picket fence. It's all humanity!

If we had to label ourselves, Marie is more of the abstract artistic visionary, whereas, Keith is the technical genius with the stronger videography skills (by far!) There's give and take, of course, and we learn and grow from each other. 

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